Saved By a Stranger

BBC documentary series, episode 4 "George, Peter & Clare" (59 min) - Germany


Twin brothers who fled Nazi Germany search for the family who helped them escape.

episode directed by 
Nele Hecht (George and Peter - Germany), Toby Trackman & Kate Scholefield (Clare)

episode presenter
Anita Rani & Sophie von der Tann

episode produced by 
Nele Hecht (George and Peter - Germany), Georgia Braham, Justine Kershaw, Simon Young, Rosie Potter, Kate Scholefield

Episode Director of Photography - Nele Hecht (George and Peter - Germany) / Justin Evans / Owen Scurfield, Sound - Merlin Bonning, Post Producer- Caroline Hewson, Title Graphics - Tim Varlow, Title Music - Anthony Edwin Clark, Archive Producers - Val Evans / Emily Mayson, Translator - Silke Endacott, Colourist - Mark Slobonian, Dubbing Mixer - James Whittlesea, Online Editor - Kevin McDonald, Business Affairs - Kate Conway, Programme Compliance- Paul Schaefer, Researcher - Rebecca Dale-Everett - Assistant Producer Rosie Pooley, Junior Production Manager - Adrienne Wellings, Line Producer - Adrian Carswell, Additional Photography - Amy Newstead, Sound - James Nightingale / Christian Späth / Charlie Weisfeld, Reseacher - Georgina Turner, Group Operations Director - Ulla Streib, Head of Production - Justine Field, Production Manager - Charlotte Valletta, Edit Producer - Luc Tremoulet, Editors James Pounce / Kanwaljeet Singh Thind, Commisioning Editor for BBC - Simon Young

Thanks to
Holocost Survivor’s Friendship Association